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McDonald's is one of the most famous fast-food restaurants in the world. Unfortunately, here in Flic en Flac, Mauritius, it suffers from the following issues:
- It is slow. Even if there is no queue it might take 20 minutes to place an order, and employees might ignore your requests or leave the restaurants at all. Beyond that, the cooking time might take another 30 minutes for them.
- It has low cooking quality. Our customers complained that the fries and meat from McDonald's were raw and not cooked enough.
- It is not insanitary. We noticed and recorded cockroaches crawling on the food right at their counter.
- They mess with your order often. When we pick up the order we ask for personal confirmation from the restaurant's employee (and quite often, the manager) that all items are in the order. However, in most cases, local McDonald's either misses adding the item you paid for, puts the wrong items, or several parts of the item are missing.

Those are the reasons we do not recommend ordering from McDonald's in Flic en Flac. We recommend using better local fast-food burger restaurants instead, like Jeanno Burgers, Ti Baz Burgers, Cafe de Marius, KFC, and others.

Still, we can deliver for you from McDonald's, although we won't be able to be responsible for the restaurant's issues mentioned above.
McDonald's Menu goes below in the photos. However, please, note that the menu items and their prices might vary on the order date and time. While ordering via Grubmates, our delivery courier (a grubmate) will confirm the item availability, the current prices, and cooking time in person at the restaurant during the order.

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