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Indian cuisine restaurant.

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Chutneys Menu
Important Note: The menu items and their prices might vary on the order date. During the ordering process, Grubmates' delivery couriers confirm the item availability and the current prices in person at the restaurant.

1. Appetizers:

1.1. Papad - Rs100
Roasted, thinly rolled urd gram crisp, seasoned with black pepper.

1.2. Indian Samosa - Rs310
Spice and savor parceled in a crispy pastry, tamarind chutney.

1.3. Bazar Shrimps - Rs360
Shrimps fried in crispy batter served with tamarind chutney.

1.4. Dal Ki Tikki Chat - Rs310
Minced dal patties, mint, tamarind chutneys, and garnish.

1.5. Hot Chicken Wings - Rs360
Barbeque-style chicken wings in a sticky paprika marinade and chives.

2. Garnish:

2.1. Butter Nan - Rs80
Nun brushed with butter on the top.

2.2. Garlic Butter Nan - Rs100
Nan topped with garlic and herbs butter.

2.3. The Cheese Nan - Rs160
Tactfully backed turnover with butter and cheese.

2.4. Basmati Rice - Rs90.
Premium grade Indian Basmati Rice steamed.

2.5. Franch Fries - Rs125

2.6. Backed Sliced Potato - Rs125

3. Vegan (Diary-Free):

3.1. Vegan Curry With Rice - Rs525
A mix of veggies in a traditionally vegan curry.

3.2. Gobi Matar Tamatar With Rice - Rs525
Cauliflower, green peas, and tomato, moderately seasoned with spices.

3.3. Chole The Famous Chickpea Curry With Rice - Rs460
Chickpeas in a spicy onion-tomato gravy (Northern Province recipe).

3.4. Dal Makhni With Rice - Rs460
Black gram and kidney beans stewed with spices to a buttery state.

4. Vegetarian:

4.1. Butter Panir With Rice - Rs575.
Panir in a gently spiced cream-tomato gravy.

4.2. Panir Tikka Masala With Rice - Rs575
Toasted Panir in Chief's smoky, peppery tikka gravy.

4.3. Veg Kofta Curry With Rice - Rs575
Veg koftas served in a mellow aromatic gravy and silvered almonds.

5. Pescatarian:

5.1. Prawns Butter Masala With Rice - Rs675
Shell-on Colossal Shrimps, grilled and served with a smooth cream.

5.2. Balchao De Marisco - Rs745.
Calamari, Shrimps, and Mussels in paella with aromatic vegetable rice.

5.3. Grilled Fish Fillet with Potatoes - Rs695.
Pan-grilled mild fish fillet, lemon butter.

6. Omnitatian:

6.1. Tanduri Lamb Chops With Potatoes - Rs795
Lamb chops spiced and slow-cooked in tandur, peppery sauce tikka.

6.2. Butter Chicken With Rice - Rs575
Friendly spiced chicken in a mellow cream-tomato gravy.

6.3. Country-Style Chicken Curry With Rice - Rs575
Chicken in a traditionally spiced curry with chilly.

6.4. Chutneys Chicken With Rice - Rs645.
Chicken in paella with aromatic vegetable rice.

7. Salads and Deserts:

7.1. Kachumbar Salad - Rs375
Diced Fresh Veggies, seasoning.

7.2. Chickpea Salad - Rs425
Steam-cooked black chickpeas, diced fresh veggies.

7.3. Sliced Onion Salad - Rs60

7.4. Lemon Wedges - Rs60

7.5. Fried Green Chilis - Rs60

7.6. Hot Chili Paste - Rs60

7.7. Plain Or Sweet Curd - Rs60

7.8. Sweet Mango Chutney - Rs60

7.9. Mixed Veg Pickle - Rs60

7.10. Tamarind Chutney - Rs60

7.11. Mint-Yogurt Chutney - Rs60

7.12. Takeaway Container - Rs30

8. Hot Beverages:

8.1. Chai Masala - Rs120

8.2. Sweetened Cardamom Tea - Rs90

8.3. Cafe Reistretto/Espresso - Rs50

8.4. Double Espresso/Lungo - Rs70

8.5. White Coffee/Capuchino - Rs90

8.6. Late Machiatto/Mocachino - Rs100

8.7. Hot Milk/Chocolate - Rs75

9. Chilled Beverages:

9.1. Local Fruit Juice - Rs160

9.2. Mango Las'si - Rs200

9.3. Sweet Las'si - Rs200

9.4. Tamarind Twist - Rs200

9.5. Fresh Limonade - Rs200

9.6. Can of Aerated Water - Rs100

9.7. Still Water 1L - Rs90

9.8. Sparkling Water - Rs100